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"EwB" Everything With Beer

The same people who brought you Himawari Microbrewery now brings you Everything with Beer “EwB” which is now located at the   2040 - The Phnom Penh Container Park.  Made from the finest malt and hops, the beers crafted here are unique in flavour and of the highest quality, and paired with delicious finger food which have a bit of beer in every dish. You can also enjoy an idyllic experience outdoors with music at the Chill Zone in the Phnom Penh Container Park.

Himawari Microbrewery's brewmaster, Neo, has had many years of brewing experience and has designed 5 exclusive brews, 2 of which have won international awards. There’s definitely a craft beer for every palate.


"EwB" Everything With Beer
“Opening soon in January 2018”
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